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New Website Fix For Bella Vita Preschool!


A Reggio Inspired Preschool....

This schools’ website was in desperate need of a makeover! Dozens of nested tables, extras from all sorts of programs such as word and frontpage (YIKES!) and so I created a new, tabless design suing only div tags and CSS to streamline the site. The photograph in the header is one I took myself and as I now move onto creating a professional logo, that image will be the basis of my design… but I won’t give too much away so stay tuned! 😉

Well, now that the design aspect is taken care of, plus or minus a few more tweaks… I’ll be adding better text, downladble files and a proper contact form page to streamline further… it’s late, I’m burnt out… but I’ll post a before picture so you get the idea… 😉

Buenas noches a todos!

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Posted by on March 4, 2009 in Design


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