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The Standard | Online Edition :: Two charged over human organs

2 Men charged with cutting off a male sex organ from a dead body in a Kenyan Mortuary… chilling story… seems these organs are used for Voodoo rituals throughout easterna nd central Africa….. brrrrrrrrr…..

The Standard | Online Edition :: Two charged over human organs.

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The Sea Will Take Small Pride…

My true love....

My true love.... photograph by Francesca Cornell, copyright 2007

“Like all oceans, the Indian Ocean seems never to end, and the ships that sail on it are small and slow. They have no speed, nor any sense of urgency; they do not cross the water, they live on it until the land comes home.”

Beryl Markham, West With The Night


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Writer’s Block….

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

nostalgiaThere have been countless times that my pen has met paper to begin documenting the journey of my childhood memories… and each time it starts with the same memory, as vivid in my mind as it was when i was five… running through the tall grass in the Selous, Tanzania, to the outer edges of the camp where the skinners’ hut used to be… The grass being so tall and thick and shimmering like a sea of molten gold, high above my small head…. above, a sky of the deepest, most brilliant blue you have ever seen. Dozens of Marabou stork taking flight from within the reeds to the sound of my rumbling feet, fearful that I may be a predator ready to pounce on them with the speed of light. I reveled in their fear of me! My laughter being carried by the winds far across the landscape… the laughter of a happy, smiling, giggling 5 year old girl with big brown eyes and dirty blonde hair and an entire 20,000 square miles of untouched land as her playground! But despite all the distractions there was always one end in sight: reaching the skinners hut! It was a very dangerous affair you see… for predators also loved the skinners hut…. and for obvious reasons….

This memory is still my favorite, my most vivid, my most alive…. perhaps my mind over the years has embellished things…. perhaps that grass today would only be knee high and those hills not so far away in the distance… and maybe it wasn’t as long a hike as i remember it being… now that my stride is longer…. but for some reason I end up crumpling my paper and throwing it in the rubbish bin every time I begin to write about it… perhaps fate is telling me not to write? Is there a reason why I remain so unsatisfied with my recollections? My own harshness towards myself when it comes to translating my thoughts into written text…? Or perhaps it is merely the fact that some memories cannot be captured on paper to a “T” because in our minds they are sacred…. but when written and then read they seem to lose significance… perhaps writing it down would mean devaluing my memory, making it more real and less dream-like… or perhaps I have been suffering from writer’s block for the last 10 years of my life…..

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For My Papa’: 50 Glorious Years in Africa

It was exactly 50 years ago today, May 11, 1959,  that my papi’s ship finally reached the Port of Mombasa, Kenya. A journey that began in a small town in northern Italy, which lead him to Trieste where he boarded the MV Africa Lloyd Triestino to begin the adventure of a lifetime… quite literally!  it was there that he would choose to build his home, his family and his new life! A life I am proud of having been a part of and which i would not trade for all the material possessions of this earth! A man from humble beginnings, with a thirst for knowledge and life and passion! Little did he know just how much his endless quest for the perfect life, in the most beautiful, raw and untamed land on earth would change his life forever!

MV Africa, Operated by Lloyd Triestino, from

MV Africa, Operated by Lloyd Triestino, from The voyage began in Trieste and continued through Venice, Brindisi, Port of Suez, port Said, port of Aden, Mogadishu and then finally Mombasa


il mio papa' e la mia mamma... just a few years before they tied the knot!

It was here that only a few years later he would meet my beautiful mother, have 4 wonderful children and go on to become one of Kenya’s most revered hunters and then eventually Tour operator throughout Kenya. It seems fitting therefore that my family should celebrate this most historic day just one day after Mother’s Day!


I want to say THANK YOU… for giving me your sense of adventure, your love for books, history, knowledge and your unbeatable passion for LIFE! Thank you for falling in love with my mother and blessing me with the ability to call her as such! You have been the shining star on my journey through life, my pillar, my strength… my oracle!!!  You blessed us all with a life filled with unforgettable memories and even more promising futures.  My fondest memories of my childhood have always been listening to your tales of battles with elephants and buffalo, or getting stuck in black cotton soil with your trusty old Land Cruiser (which i hope you never get rid off because if you do i want it!!!!! =p), while sitting by a campfire under the vast African star-filled sky.

This eventful day ultimately shaped our lives and that of all those whom have been blessed by your presence! May you continue to leave your mark on this world for the years still ahead and may I continue to learn, to fight and to live a fruitful and blessed life just as you have and continue to do. you are a tall order for any man to be compared to but i say with all my heart that I hope to meet someone just like you!

Con tanto amore,


For information about my dads tented lodge in tsavo east you may visit the following websites, or check your local guide books on kenya under “Epiya Chapeyu”, aka “Bigi Camp”

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Brush Works…

Here’s some of my latest canvas paintings… these are part of a series of 9 that i am creating for a bare wall just crying out to me! 🙂

Acrylic Mini Paintings for My Room….

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