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I Love Dinosaurs!

NEW! “I (heart) Dino cartoon/ illustration for sale on tee shirts, pillows, iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini cases and home decor items such as cookie jars and thermos! Be the first to get one!!!! Click the image or the link below to start shopping!

I love Dino

I Love Dino



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My Second Teddy Bear Design approved for Voting!!!

A second design of mine was approved for voting =) This has been really fun and a great way of experimenting with different concepts within limitations (the contest requires we use no more than 3 colors and use their bear template for the design). So my second bear was inspired by my favorite painting of all time: THE KISS, by Gustav Klimt.  If you like him or Pangea and think them vote worthy please do vote and share these links with your friends, family and coworkers =)


Inspiration: Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss"


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Tedde Bear Competition!!! Please Vote for my Design =)

I <3 Pangea

I ❤ Pangea

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A Glimpse into Adobe Illustrator line art…

the finale....

the finale....

All concepts start in our minds… we get this idea in our head and we see it as bright as day! “GOSH!”-we think- “where’s my pencil?????” and off we go into a mad frenzy of finding even just a scrap of paper, tissue or even a crumpled up receipt- if drawing pad is not at hand- to give that idea a life… and so the mind, in all its brilliance, connects to our hands, to our fingers, to our pencil, to our paper… connection…. the eye now sees something new and responds in kind. The idea now takes on a different life and shape and goes through a metamorphosis as we begin to visualize our “idea” and deviate (sometimes) from what was originally in our head!

This is my favorite stage in creating a new design! Many a times though i have tossed a paper scrap with a vengeance because somehow the connection got “lost” once the hand and pen decided to step in… often enough though, it’ll come back to haunt me and I’ll keep at it until finally I “see” what my mind was trying to visualize all along!

Here’s an example of that thought process coming to life… the idea was initially of a bionic type woman with screws and metal plates and shiny long hair listening to one of those modern gadgets we’re all attached at the hip to… but I wanted her to still look vintage… kind of like an older generation being pulled into a new one and finding a perfect balance.

lines and curves meet....

lines and curves meet....

So it started, as i said, in my mind and this is what my hand and my eyes translated onto my notebook while i sat outside next to a crackling fire one night…

My hand continued to draw swirls and curves and the dim light was perfect to create shadows… slowly she started to become a “she” and started to have long hair… long curly hair… eyes? no… she doesn’t need eyes…. all her energy is engulfed and concentrated on just one of her senses “sound”… the hair flows almost like waves which to me have always been the sweetest music

(one of my favorite movies of all time is “The Big Blue” as it has an AMAZING soundtrack that makes you feel as though the ocean is all around you!)… her mouth is slightly open from the sheer pleasure of listening to the sounds blasting in her ears from those tiny little pods…

Once I’m happy with my sketch and feeling elated, i can’t wait to turn it into one of those vector graphics we all love… expand… expand… EXPAND… and never any loss of clarity or sharpness… I do love technology sometimes even though nothing for me replaces the smell of turpentine, the texture of a brush and the softness with which oil paints blend together… painting with oils has always been a favorite of mine… too bad it’s one of those super expensive “hobbies” lol! 😉

And so there she is… my final muse… in all her glory… such a long and wonderful journy it was to make her! The sky’s the limit!!!! =)

All images and text herein, copyright Francesca Cornell, 2008-2009

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