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HDR faking it with Photoshop

I recently visited the beautiful city of Avignon, France and got snap happy with my trusty Canon point and shoot! While I have yet to discover how to change the settings to take photos at different exposures and create HDR images, I was able to recreate the effects in Photoshop using layers, filters and playing with the sliders to change the saturation, add that glow that seems to engulf all HDR images and while I was at it, I decided to dramatize the sky a wee bit 😉

Here’s the photo before and after:

church, avignon, france


What is HDR?

In brief, an HDR image (High Dynamic Range) is a series of identical shots taken with a camera at different exposures and then placed one on top of the other to create beautiful photographs that expose every detail sharply. For a more thorough explanation you can refer to the wiki link below:


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