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Tattoo Painting Series Finished… at last!

I started a series of miniature acrylic paintings about a year ago and am happy to say they are finally finished! They are 9 canvases in all and done entirely by hand, without using trace lines underneath, to maintain a “primitive art” feel, raw and untamed.

The inspiration for this series was African tribal scarification, which leaves bumpy scars on the skin’s surface, like a texture. Many of the patterns used for scarification (dots or lines) are evident throughout the series, but I expanded them to include other forms ofย  “decoration” since I realized that so many different objects used to adorn the body are also similar in shape, texture and form. Some of the paintings are reminiscent of Masai beaded jewelry and also Henna designs, used by many of the Islamic and Hindu populations of Africa. Each object, design, tattoo, form and shape comes together to accomplish one goal: beautification and adornment of the human body…. to celebrate its mystery and it’s unique beauty!

While I do not wish to sell the originals shown below, I am selling this series on commission. Available on gallery wrapped canvases, at any size you require. prices will be based on canvas size and design/s chosen and will include labor and materials. shipping based on client location. If interested please feel free to send me a message by going to my website’s contact page:ย

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Your Freedom Ends Where Mine Begins


Your Freedom Ends Where Mine Begins

A politically inspired design! Words I heard from a very wise man indeed… for in a democracy someone always has to give up their rights for the sake of another’s. Original graphics and design by me, Mad Matatu! You can also find this design in 2 tone black and white for an even more bold statement. Available on tote bags, t-shirts, hoodies,mugs,stickers,banners,bumper stickers, Sigg water bottles, childrens clothing, magnets and pins! Check out the super sexy womens hoodie black and white version with the design on the back… sleek eh???ladies_freedom_hoodie

Happy shopping!


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Get Your Heart Strings Pulled!

Tirer... s'il vous plait

Tirer... s'il vous plait

“Tirer… S’il vous Plait” says it all and it’s my latest design addition to my cafe press store! A cute and fun design that features a multitude of hearts and strings to stir up the chemistry! Available exclusively to women as sexy thongs, tank or cute tee in white, soft pink, salmon and baby blue. Sizes available in small, medium, large and maternity wear. A perfect gift for your lady love this christmas too!


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Art for a Walk…. Previews of what’s in store for sale!

Mis Desiderios, Mis Miedos

Mis Desiderios, Mis Miedos

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Writer’s Block….

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

nostalgiaThere have been countless times that my pen has met paper to begin documenting the journey of my childhood memories… and each time it starts with the same memory, as vivid in my mind as it was when i was five… running through the tall grass in the Selous, Tanzania, to the outer edges of the camp where the skinners’ hut used to be… The grass being so tall and thick and shimmering like a sea of molten gold, high above my small head…. above, a sky of the deepest, most brilliant blue you have ever seen. Dozens of Marabou stork taking flight from within the reeds to the sound of my rumbling feet, fearful that I may be a predator ready to pounce on them with the speed of light. I reveled in their fear of me! My laughter being carried by the winds far across the landscape… the laughter of a happy, smiling, giggling 5 year old girl with big brown eyes and dirty blonde hair and an entire 20,000 square miles of untouched land as her playground! But despite all the distractions there was always one end in sight: reaching the skinners hut! It was a very dangerous affair you see… for predators also loved the skinners hut…. and for obvious reasons….

This memory is still my favorite, my most vivid, my most alive…. perhaps my mind over the years has embellished things…. perhaps that grass today would only be knee high and those hills not so far away in the distance… and maybe it wasn’t as long a hike as i remember it being… now that my stride is longer…. but for some reason I end up crumpling my paper and throwing it in the rubbish bin every time I begin to write about it… perhaps fate is telling me not to write? Is there a reason why I remain so unsatisfied with my recollections? My own harshness towards myself when it comes to translating my thoughts into written text…? Or perhaps it is merely the fact that some memories cannot be captured on paper to a “T” because in our minds they are sacred…. but when written and then read they seem to lose significance… perhaps writing it down would mean devaluing my memory, making it more real and less dream-like… or perhaps I have been suffering from writer’s block for the last 10 years of my life…..

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Greer’s Grantiques eBay storefront finished!

home…And boy are Deb (my lovely new client, hi deb! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and myself pleased with the final results! I listened to her needs and wants, convinced her to give me some leeway with the design and to trust in my judgment… and i think she’s more than happy that she did! =)

I kept the design clean and elegant with a touch of simplicity… a completely table-less design that uses simple java script and div tags… the design started with the logo (see my past posts on the logo design process for this project) which then set the tone for the entire design. If the client should ever decide to go with an ecommerce site then this will be the base and inspiration for it also (eBay does limit the use of certain scripts so there’s not too much flexibility when it comes to designing and coding a store, but with a website the possibilities are endless so it’ll certainly be grand!)

here are deb’s thoughts on the design:

“WOW I just looked at it; GREAT!!!! so glad you used the Shakespeare books – they are so cool I don’t want to sell them!

Need an eBay store make-over? contact me on my website @ and ask for a quote! Please provide me with a link to your store/auctions and a small blurb about what your likes or dislikes are, favorite colors etc… the more information i have the easier it’ll be for me to come up with a quote to fit your individual needs and budget!

Merci’! Grazie! Thank you! Gracias! Danke!


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New photos added to flickr from my latest trip to LA

Los Angeles, CA

los_angeles 006

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Check Out The Insiprations Page…

For links to cool websites using the latest graphic techniques and CSS! If you know of any really great websites that you think should be brought to the limelight feel free to make suggestions! (Please note that not all suggestions will appear, but I will take into consideration techniques, style, colors etc) Yes, you may also suggest your own site if you like! =)


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A Glimpse into Adobe Illustrator line art…

the finale....

the finale....

All concepts start in our minds… we get this idea in our head and we see it as bright as day! “GOSH!”-we think- “where’s my pencil?????” and off we go into a mad frenzy of finding even just a scrap of paper, tissue or even a crumpled up receipt- if drawing pad is not at hand- to give that idea a life… and so the mind, in all its brilliance, connects to our hands, to our fingers, to our pencil, to our paper… connection…. the eye now sees something new and responds in kind. The idea now takes on a different life and shape and goes through a metamorphosis as we begin to visualize our “idea” and deviate (sometimes) from what was originally in our head!

This is my favorite stage in creating a new design! Many a times though i have tossed a paper scrap with a vengeance because somehow the connection got “lost” once the hand and pen decided to step in… often enough though, it’ll come back to haunt me and I’ll keep at it until finally I “see” what my mind was trying to visualize all along!

Here’s an example of that thought process coming to life… the idea was initially of a bionic type woman with screws and metal plates and shiny long hair listening to one of those modern gadgets we’re all attached at the hip to… but I wanted her to still look vintage… kind of like an older generation being pulled into a new one and finding a perfect balance.

lines and curves meet....

lines and curves meet....

So it started, as i said, in my mind and this is what my hand and my eyes translated onto my notebook while i sat outside next to a crackling fire one night…

My hand continued to draw swirls and curves and the dim light was perfect to create shadows… slowly she started to become a “she” and started to have long hair… long curly hair… eyes? no… she doesn’t need eyes…. all her energy is engulfed and concentrated on just one of her senses “sound”… the hair flows almost like waves which to me have always been the sweetest music

(one of my favorite movies of all time is “The Big Blue” as it has an AMAZING soundtrack that makes you feel as though the ocean is all around you!)… her mouth is slightly open from the sheer pleasure of listening to the sounds blasting in her ears from those tiny little pods…

Once I’m happy with my sketch and feeling elated, i can’t wait to turn it into one of those vector graphics we all love… expand… expand… EXPAND… and never any loss of clarity or sharpness… I do love technology sometimes even though nothing for me replaces the smell of turpentine, the texture of a brush and the softness with which oil paints blend together… painting with oils has always been a favorite of mine… too bad it’s one of those super expensive “hobbies” lol! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And so there she is… my final muse… in all her glory… such a long and wonderful journy it was to make her! The sky’s the limit!!!! =)

All images and text herein, copyright Francesca Cornell, 2008-2009

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