All poetry, images, graphics and content copyright Francesca Cornell, 2009


Childish Dreams

Oh what a thrill!

to walk up that hill!

holding your hand

drawing shapes in the sand

to giggle with glee!!!

for the WHOLE world to see!!!

to live in a dream

to bathe in a stream

to share all our thoughts

over crosses and noughts

So hold onto my hand

and go towards land

where the voices we hear

will echo so near

to our childish and enchanted little hearts!




before me the layers

of my life

to cease breathing for just a minute


like the passage of darkness

to light


the secrets within

carrying forward the revelations

of small footsteps

echoing in the passageways

of this life and that

which lies


a mere existence

for this life shall not pass


nor shall it be forgotten

but revered


presente, futuro, passato….

The past is my present
The present…my past
of twilight I had seen none
only the rising and setting of a sun
and moon
over barren plains and deserted grasslands

to my past, I turn a page!
to my present, I toast!
to my future… I look towards thee with great anticipation

and childish expectation

for each day I shall

dance in the rain
sway under the moonlight
bask in the sun
skip in the puddles

Listen, mi vida!!!!!
I hear your whispers in the night….
your calling
like the wild boars of my childhood
the hyena that teased me
the lion that serenaded me each night
the elephant who tested my nerves
with each step he took towards me
while I shook with fear and excitement!

Find me once more! stand before me with your strength
like tusks glistening in the moonlight
feet shaking the earth upon which i once sat
test me again
and leave me breathless and drenched in sweat

that rush….

ahhhhhhhhh…. twendeni sasa pamoja rafiki…. tume furahia…

Imara….. kama tembo!*

*Come on, let’s go my friend… we have found happiness… (and) Strength… like an elephant!


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