Here you’ll find some of my favorite websites by top designers, artists, photographers and musicians from around the world… I love all the creativity out there and have seen some amazing things! Art is beautiful… in all it’s forms…. and those who are able to embrace it, use it, grow from it and within it get top kudos from me!

This week’s top picks!

Hybrid Works

I love the fun typically Japanese style used here without having a specific concept in mind which works perfectly to showcase their talents!

Matthew Curry

Incredible artist… his work is amazingly raw and edgy…

Rob Morris, Digital Mash

Clean and crisp CSS based website that is simply phenomenal! I love his photographs and they way they displayed on his site! Check it out!

If you’re an artist (any medium: painting, sculpture, photography etc) and you’d like your website showcased here just drop me an email and I’ll see what i can do for you! Please note that by simply sending me a link to your website doesn’t guarantee that it will be postedbut I will do my best! As we say in Italian “Una mano lava l’altraOne hand washes the other… 😉


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