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No date for V-day???

Drink your sorrows away with one of my custom designed Stein mugs on Cafe’ press! Available in both English and Italian, “The University of Drunkenness… Bibamus! Moriendum est!”

A whole range of products are also available with this design, in both languages, such as tees, hoodies, sigg water bottles, BBQ aprons, boxers and thongs…. the list goes on… you’ll only find out if you visit my shop on Cafe’ Press!!! The best place to find original, custom designed clothing and gifts for any occasion, any mood, any need!

(graphics and design copyright Francesca Cornell, 2009, all rights reserved)

Mad Matatus Tee Stop!


Your Freedom Ends Where Mine Begins


Your Freedom Ends Where Mine Begins

A politically inspired design! Words I heard from a very wise man indeed… for in a democracy someone always has to give up their rights for the sake of another’s. Original graphics and design by me, Mad Matatu! You can also find this design in 2 tone black and white for an even more bold statement. Available on tote bags, t-shirts, hoodies,mugs,stickers,banners,bumper stickers, Sigg water bottles, childrens clothing, magnets and pins! Check out the super sexy womens hoodie black and white version with the design on the back… sleek eh???ladies_freedom_hoodie

Happy shopping!


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New Sigg (RT) Water Bottle Design For Sale!

1.0L Swiss made Sigg Water bottle $27.99 only!

1.0L Swiss made Sigg Water bottle $27.99 only!

I LOVE these Swiss engineered water bottles! Safe for the environment, ecological, freeze proof and BPA Free! Throw away those plastic water bottles and save the planet with a reuseable one!

My new bottle design features a retro-modern fantasy fish with Chinese watercolor painting styles and motifs, bright ocean and water inspired colors and a trendy look all around! An original digital design which is signed and dated. You can purchase a 1.0L or 0.6L bottle for under $30! that is a real steal!


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Matatu’s Tee Stop Launched!!!!

Hi all! Am so excited to announce the launch of my new cafe press store! I have been busy designing T-shirts, posters, Sigg water bottles, mugs, framed art and wall clocks with original artwork and photographs from my trips around the world! You’ll find some of my old favorites as well as new humor tees for adults and kids alike! Be sure to have a look and sign up for my newsletter to recieve notices of new products available! Happy shopping to all and thanks again for reading my blog! 🙂

Matatus Tee Stop @ cafe press

Matatus Tee Stop @ cafe press


HDR faking it with Photoshop

I recently visited the beautiful city of Avignon, France and got snap happy with my trusty Canon point and shoot! While I have yet to discover how to change the settings to take photos at different exposures and create HDR images, I was able to recreate the effects in Photoshop using layers, filters and playing with the sliders to change the saturation, add that glow that seems to engulf all HDR images and while I was at it, I decided to dramatize the sky a wee bit 😉

Here’s the photo before and after:

church, avignon, france


What is HDR?

In brief, an HDR image (High Dynamic Range) is a series of identical shots taken with a camera at different exposures and then placed one on top of the other to create beautiful photographs that expose every detail sharply. For a more thorough explanation you can refer to the wiki link below:


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First Camino painting is up for sale!!!!!

Dreaming... by Francesca Cornell, copyright 2009

Dreaming... by Francesca Cornell, copyright 2009


Dreams inspired by Nature’s bounty, the unpretentiousness of homemade limoncello, oceans and the seas, the play of morning and late afternoon light on blue waters, an old  farmhouse claw foot tub for a pool, french lavender from Provence, and wildflowers, California orange poppies… a broken fence.. tall green grass… a book to inspire… pastel colored clouds… Limited edition! Only 100 digital copies will be sold in this size!

Click on the Buy Now Button and Pay securely through Paypal! Please amke sure you provide a valid email address for me to send you your copy!

Software used:

Corel Sketch Pad, Adobe Photoshop CS4 extended, Wacom Intuos 4 Graphic pen Tablet.


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My Second Teddy Bear Design approved for Voting!!!

A second design of mine was approved for voting =) This has been really fun and a great way of experimenting with different concepts within limitations (the contest requires we use no more than 3 colors and use their bear template for the design). So my second bear was inspired by my favorite painting of all time: THE KISS, by Gustav Klimt.  If you like him or Pangea and think them vote worthy please do vote and share these links with your friends, family and coworkers =)


Inspiration: Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss"


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